New collection

New collection

Our elegant occasion wear collection  

The Collection

This collection came to life when I started planning my own wedding. I searched through countless websites, found that they all manufactured overseas and, in that typical fast fashion way, churned out similar designs. If I was to purchase any of the 'limited size dresses', I still had to pay extra to alter them. So I thought to myself, surely there must be a better way? Thus, Yada Yada Studio came to life! Offering a made to order service whereby you can customise the size, length and more! Giving this option to play around with the design was something that I didn't find online and wanted to provide to my lovely customers.

Who are we?

Or should I say, who am I?

My name is Anita and I have always loved playing around with fabrics. The first ever dress I made was my sister's prom dress back in 2014. At the time I had no real clue what I was doing, but was driven by a vision that lead me to completing my first beautiful garment. Fast forward to 2017, moving to Manchester to study fashion design, I found that I couldn't financially support my studies and had to find a different way to navigate life alone in my new environment. During my journey I came across a pattern cutting course at a local college that changed my life, allowing me to make my dream come true and so began Yada Yada Studio.

Should fashion always mean waste?

Fast Fashion is bad for the environment, with approximately 97 million tons of waste per year kind of bad. However, there are ways to reduce this and that is why we are NOT mass producing any of our garments. Every item is made to order, meaning that there is no dead stock and minimum fabric waste overall. We also collaborate with skilled local seamstresses to support our community and reduce carbon footprint.

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